Smokers at Thorpe Park

So on Friday I went to Thorpe Park.

Which is not something I do often so it is really special when I go there.
However, something that ruined it a little, was the fact that I was half choking to death half the time. Now I know everyone has free will and can smoke if they choose, but when every 50m of the queue line there is a sign: NO SMOKING PLEASE, you’d think people would think twice about getting out their cigarettes and chain smoking for an hour in the queue. But apparently not.
So I was standing in a queue with my friends (all non-smokers and vowed to forever be) actually coughing and getting head pains (I’m not being melodramatic- the smell gives me such bad head pains- is that just me?!) Anyway, I’m not trying to be self-righteous here I swear, but seriously Thorpe Park should get patrols or something because obviously a sign telling people for once in their lives to be considerate human being isn’t enough.

The Invisible Girl has Spoken.


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