Mask Off, Tail On

Mask Off, Tail On

We’re less than a week away from Halloween! If you had to design a costume that channelled your true, innermost self, what would that costume look like? Would you dare to wear it?

So as I’m a very indecisive person and I don’t actually know who I am very well, I thought I’d ask the people who should know me best (my family) to decide a costume that channelled my innermost self.

And of course I got some very amusing responses-

My Brother said- Hulk, Iron man, Thor, Spiderman (even though I’m as about as strong as a mouse)

My Dad said- Witch (Predictable considering I had black and purple makeup all over my face at the time)

Mum- Zombie, A clown- specifically the joker ( which I am TERRIFIED of so I’d look if the mirror and faint if I dressed up as that one)

However, all of these ideas at just a bit too predictable and humiliating so I think a costume that represents my innermost self would be…

A cat.

But not one of those cat costumes that look very cute and girly I mean a proper cat costume- with faux fur, claws etc. so you can actually tell I’m a cat not just a tart in a tiny black dress and 8 inch heels.

And Although, I can’t sing or dance, I have always dreamed of being in the musical Cats so this would coincide with that well and I could pretend I was actually in it for a day- how sad.

Finally, I would totally wear this around (but only on Halloween)and pounce around going miaaaaw every 2 seconds.

What costume represents your inner self?!

The Invisible Girl has Spoken.


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