Clumsiness Syndrome

So right now I should be finishing my GCSE coursework, but I can’t bring myself to go and drown in cotton samples and painting evaluations yet.

Instead, I thought about a problem that evades my life everyday…clumsiness syndrome. Go ahead, laugh, I have to laugh at myself when I do stupid things to stop myself crying. 

I’ll just give you a few examples of how clumsiness evades my life-

(These stories are 100% true)

1) Once I out a tube of black paint in my bag, it burst all on the inside of my bag- my new Cath Kidston bag. And obviously my next lesson was the one I sit next to the ‘joker’ of the class. Inevitably, he nearly pissed himself from laughter and told the whole class.

2) Same guy. Different lesson. I the middle of the conversation, I choked… on nothing. I just randomly couldn’t breathe ( I don’t think it was a panic attack though) so obviously I was coughing, going bright red from embarrassment, and he said, ”attractive” (sarcastically) so when I finally stopped coughing I was bright red… now he think I fancy him!

3) In PE (the place where unfit people like me die) we were playing stuck in the mud (I think some people call it tag?) and I was chasing after  someone and slipped into loads of disgusting mud and I looked like I had shite all over my hand and kit.

Those stories may not seem like much but remember there added events to my daily ‘trip over anything’ or ‘stub my foot’ or ‘say something really idiotic in front of a teacher which will lower my grade.’

If you have got any embarrassing moments please share, and for all the clumsy people reading this : don’t worry one day they will build entire buildings out of foam and make everything clumsy person friendly ( that’s what I’m hoping for anyway!!)

The Invisible Girl has Spoken.


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