90’s Gal

So I was born Summer 1999.

I barely waved at the 90’s before they scuttled past the millennium.

However, I would have been a awesome 90’s teenager, I think.
Re-watching the Channel 4 show, ‘My Mad Fat Diary’ has enlightened me to this fact. (If you haven’t seen it, you must! If you have, was I the only one who practically drooled over Nico Mirallegro?)
Anyway why I belong in 90’s- just judge for yourself if I can call myself a 90’s gal.
1) Obsessed over Friends- my mum actually met Matt LeBlanc. I screamed when she told me.

2) I own circle sunglasses- everyone I know hates them, but me. I want to get some tinted glass ones too!


4) I wear my leather jacket, bomber jacket and denim jacket continually.

6) I hate the insane pressure of social media.

I can’t really think of any things that would be defined as 90’s. Can you?

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The Invisible Girl has Spoken.


One comment

  1. thekhakiqueen · January 22, 2015

    I was born in ’98 and i consider myself a 90’s gal, check out my latest post its got pictures of everything i consider to be 90’s, see if you recognise some of it? :)x

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