Speaking- Freaked and Excited

So I hate speaking to lots of people.

If I am in a group of more than 6/7 I can’t speak.

Well, tomorrow I have to talk in front of 30 people.

But not just talk, present English stuff and say really complicated words.

Yes, I know your probably thinking ‘Get a grip Tallie’ I know I would if I heard me say this.

But anyway, normally 24 hours before I feel hella freaked and scared and anxious… BUT I DON’T 🙂 well not as much as usual

Very happy about that clearly.

So now I’m challenge you…yes you this applies to you, to face something your scared or anxious about!

Let me know what fear your challenging in the comments!

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The Invisible Girl has Spoken.



  1. leahem85 · February 4, 2015

    Good luck! I don’t like speaking in front of people either.

    Liked by 1 person

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