About the Invisible Girl

Hi I’m Tallie and here’s a few things you should know about me.
I’m 15, an introvert (aka quiet but secretly plotting to conquer the world ;)) and I loooove reading, YouTube and shopping. Actually I would say I’m a shopaholic.
Here are some questions I thought I would answer so you can get to know me more! I would love if you could answer them yourself in the comments as then I can get to know about you!

Real Name and meaning behind my blog name?-

It’s Natalia, however now the only people who call me that are teachers or if my parents get mad at me. So call me Tallie. My blog name is ‘The Invisible Girl Blogs’ because that is who I am, I could wish I was more confident, noticeable, but instead its easier to accept the truth, that’s what it stands for.

What is my blog about?-

Pretty much everything. Being only 15 I have too many views about too many things so I thought I would document it, but the many posts that are not opinionated related will be on fashion, books and music.

Why did I start my blog?-

I could lie and say I had a vocational calling but it wouldn’t be true, its because I wanted to do something for me, instead of for school or for my family. Also, this will be good practise for when I try become a journalist, (if you are one, have you got any tips?

Hope you have enjoyed getting to know me better, remember to follow and like!

The Invisible Girl has Spoken.



  1. UrbanShamanMom · October 26, 2014

    I like that you sign off every post with “The Invisible Girl has Spoken” … good job! Its distinctly you.
    Keep on writing!


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