I like to change things about myself.

Why? To try make myself more confidence- I’ve just dyed my hair and I like it but it didn’t change my confidence.

Because confidence isn’t changing the, it’s ‘owning’ inside -your personality.

The struggle is how to do this as there are no quick-fixes. As I have discovered.

Anyway off to dye my hair purple.. bye!!!!

The Invisible Girl has Spoken.


28/06 OOTD

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Top: Primark 

Jeans: debehnans

Bag: Spanish market 

Sunglasses: Primark 

Flower crown: topshop 

The Invisible Girl has Spoken. 

How to Grow Your Hair Longer Faster Healthier

So last September I had to get my hair cut quite short. And since then I have been determined to grow it back to how it was before (and hopefully a bit longer.)

These are the methods I have found effective, if you have any to add, put them in the comments.

1) Diet- this is a super easy one as I have just drunk an extra two glasses of water a day and I think it has helped (and its helped my health generally as well!) Apart from that avocados, nuts, fish and eggs all help your hair.

2) No Shampoo- This sounds disgusting I know but it has made my hair feel so much healthier, however if you have very greasy hair then I wouldn’t recommend this as I have noticed my hair get greasier quicker.

3) Head Massage- This is basically the inversion method. Every now and then (or everyday if your that bothered) tip your head upside down and massage your scalp with the tips of your fingers for 4-5 minutes. For best results use argan /  coconut oil or a mixture of honey and milk.

4) Products- There are so many products out there that can make hair grow faster healthier. The ones that have worked (and are affordable) are-

Garnier Ultimate Blends- The sleek perfector oil.

Lee Stafford Conditioner- For Hair That Never Grows Past a Certain Length

Herbal Essences (Can’t remember the name but the blue packeted range)

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Saying Yes

So this was inspired by (my favourite) video by Zoella: called ‘Just Say Yes.’

Hence, the title of this post.

In less 21 hours I will be in my first ever interview. Group Interview.

I hate talking in front of people I don’t know.


I’ve said yes. I’m actually proud that I submitted the application.

But now I am so so so so so nervous.

Any tips for staying calm/ responding to questions without stuttering/ dealing with all the other people there?

It would be greatly appreciate.

I’ll write how it goes tomorrow.

PS: Although, I am highly scared/ anxious/ nervous/ currently shaking, I am happy I said yes.

So remember JUST SAY YES 🙂

Wish me luck! (I’ll need loads of it)

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Speaking- Freaked and Excited

So I hate speaking to lots of people.

If I am in a group of more than 6/7 I can’t speak.

Well, tomorrow I have to talk in front of 30 people.

But not just talk, present English stuff and say really complicated words.

Yes, I know your probably thinking ‘Get a grip Tallie’ I know I would if I heard me say this.

But anyway, normally 24 hours before I feel hella freaked and scared and anxious… BUT I DON’T 🙂 well not as much as usual

Very happy about that clearly.

So now I’m challenge you…yes you this applies to you, to face something your scared or anxious about!

Let me know what fear your challenging in the comments!

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90’s Gal

So I was born Summer 1999.

I barely waved at the 90’s before they scuttled past the millennium.

However, I would have been a awesome 90’s teenager, I think.
Re-watching the Channel 4 show, ‘My Mad Fat Diary’ has enlightened me to this fact. (If you haven’t seen it, you must! If you have, was I the only one who practically drooled over Nico Mirallegro?)
Anyway why I belong in 90’s- just judge for yourself if I can call myself a 90’s gal.
1) Obsessed over Friends- my mum actually met Matt LeBlanc. I screamed when she told me.

2) I own circle sunglasses- everyone I know hates them, but me. I want to get some tinted glass ones too!


4) I wear my leather jacket, bomber jacket and denim jacket continually.

6) I hate the insane pressure of social media.

I can’t really think of any things that would be defined as 90’s. Can you?

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Clumsiness Syndrome

So right now I should be finishing my GCSE coursework, but I can’t bring myself to go and drown in cotton samples and painting evaluations yet.

Instead, I thought about a problem that evades my life everyday…clumsiness syndrome. Go ahead, laugh, I have to laugh at myself when I do stupid things to stop myself crying. 

I’ll just give you a few examples of how clumsiness evades my life-

(These stories are 100% true)

1) Once I out a tube of black paint in my bag, it burst all on the inside of my bag- my new Cath Kidston bag. And obviously my next lesson was the one I sit next to the ‘joker’ of the class. Inevitably, he nearly pissed himself from laughter and told the whole class.

2) Same guy. Different lesson. I the middle of the conversation, I choked… on nothing. I just randomly couldn’t breathe ( I don’t think it was a panic attack though) so obviously I was coughing, going bright red from embarrassment, and he said, ”attractive” (sarcastically) so when I finally stopped coughing I was bright red… now he think I fancy him!

3) In PE (the place where unfit people like me die) we were playing stuck in the mud (I think some people call it tag?) and I was chasing after  someone and slipped into loads of disgusting mud and I looked like I had shite all over my hand and kit.

Those stories may not seem like much but remember there added events to my daily ‘trip over anything’ or ‘stub my foot’ or ‘say something really idiotic in front of a teacher which will lower my grade.’

If you have got any embarrassing moments please share, and for all the clumsy people reading this : don’t worry one day they will build entire buildings out of foam and make everything clumsy person friendly ( that’s what I’m hoping for anyway!!)

The Invisible Girl has Spoken.