So I’m a Feminist.

But just so there aren’t any misinterpretations. I shave my legs. I wear dresses. I use perfume.

I say this first because apparently feminists  don’t do the things I mentioned.

This is what I would call a vent. (Vent- Like a low-key rant) but obviously organised and put in a pretty font.

I can honestly not express my frustration at people who do not respect everyone equally. I don’t just mean in regards to respecting women. I mean respecting EVERYONE. I sincerely hope you feel the same.

I mean yes today, we as a society maybe accepts all kinds of people a bit more (i.e. homosexuals, bisexuals and generally people who are not considered ‘the norm’ (whatever that is.)) However, obviously something still isn’t right as some men still think it’s acceptable to disrespect woman. *Cough cough* Jimmy Savile and more recently the You Tuber Sam Pepper . If you know who he is then I guess you see my point. If you don’t know then look him up and tut away. Some people forget the fact that whoever you are or how much power you have, it does not give you the right to be disrespectful.

I guess someone could say that equality for women is just about equal opportunities and rights for all women, but is it just that? No, to me it is, being thought of as absolutely, 100% equal to a man. Because yes you could force almost half of Earth’s population to treat women equally, but that wouldn’t work, education is key to this cause.

However, I can’t write about this topic without praising Emma Watson’s #HeForShe gender equality campaign. She is one of my idols so I am glad she has shone light on this issue.

So leaving you on a happy note,


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I’ll leave you with some thoughts-