New Year Resolutions

So today is New Year’s Eve.
And normally my New Years resolution is to be less of a bitchy moody cow.
That fails within a few days, hence why I thought I should make more rational ones.
So here they are-
1) Spend more time helping my brother, because I want him to be able to have GCSE’s.
2) Do more chores. Which can’t be very hard considering I do basically nothing.
3) Spend no money on myself during January and February and save up some money.
4) Try and decrease my anxiety and become more comfortable around people.
5) Make the most of my family.
6) Work as hard as I can and get and get the best grades I can.
7) Swear less.

Well, I think out of those seven I should be able to keep at least one.

Feel free to leave your resolution in the comments and please like the post as it makes me suuuuper haaaappy.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE. I wish you all the happiness in the world for 2015.

The Invisible Girl has Spoken.