Films Set Unreal Exspectations

So I’m not usually one to worry over what I haven’t got.
But I’ve just watched ‘Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging’ for about the millionth time and if you don’t know it’s a movie which is about a ordinary teenage girl who throughout a tiny time space goes from having no kissing experience to having three guys chasing after her. One of which is Aaron Taylor-Johnson- look him up and you will gawp, he is so hot.
Anyway, this is just an example of a movie that give me ‘false hope’ and makes plots that would never happen rationally. It annoys me, to say the least, because although I love when the guy gets the girl (or vice versa), it just makes me feel incontent with my life for the next week.
Do you feel this way too? Or is it just an invisibility thing?
The Invisible Girl has Spoken.